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The process

Customized drying

Process residual flows 

Ever since 1988, we use our ingenuity to add value to waste streams. For this purpose, we have developed our own drying installations and drying techniques, which are now processing various streams continuously. We separate and dry on one line to work more efficiently, better, and offer the best rates. 

Is there a waste stream we have not yet separated and dried? We test, measure, and optimise until we get the most out of it with minimal effort. If it is worth is, we develop a new installation to do so.

How do we dry? 

We continue to innovate 

We are a drying plant, a sustainable one to be specific. This means we dry products such as protato products and bread and prepare them for re-use. This is an innovative process that we work on every single day to become even more efficient. We would like to explain how we process our products and why we are sustainable. 

From residual product to quality product

Zero waste tolerance at Van de Weijer 

We currently dry various potato products such as starch, mashed potatoes and flakes. These products go into our drying process with the aim of reaching the right moisture percentage. Our drying lines are fully automated, allowing us to adjust the final product exactly to the customer's requirements. In addition, we can also look into the possibilities of making a mix of potato products upon request. 

The potato products we process serve as raw material for the 'Pet food industry', so this can end up in your dog's or cat's food pellets. This way, we convert these residual products into a high-quality product that can be used effectively. 

This also aligns us seamlessly with our core value, sustainability. Our entire drying plant runs on self-generated energy, from which an old product is upgraded to a new high-quality product. This way nothing is left without value.

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