GMP certified, better does not exist

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GMP certified, better does not exist

No compromise when it comes to caring for society and the environment. We never seek the limits of permissible. Because where environmental care usually applies as a cost item, it is our revenue model. The processing process of drying and separation is completely transparent. The efforts are focused on the responsible processing of residual flows with value increase or cost control as a pleasant extra.

• extending shelf life
• destruction of bacterial contaminants
• combat mold
• preparation for external final processing
• upgrade product quality
• transformation of waste into raw material

What remains after drying and separation for further or final processing is guaranteed to meet the 
full 100 percent of all legal requirements. On top of that, we produce strictly in accordance with the agreements that are in effect between industry partners and buyers. The proof of this is the GMP certificate (registration number 20233). Better does not exist. 

Continuous compliance with the strictest standards has the advantage that business operations always act at the highest level. This also applies to the support services. The laboratory is available for professional trials and analyzes in combination with advice on drying and separation for third parties.

Van de Weijer Drogerij

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