Customised separating and drying

Ever since 1988, we use our ingenuity to add value to waste streams. For this purpose, we have developed our own drying installations and drying techniques, which are now processing various streams 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We separate and dry on one line to work more efficiently, better, and more economically.

Is there a waste stream we have not yet separated and dried? We test, measure, and optimise until we get the most out of it with minimal effort. If it is worth is, we develop a new installation to do so.

Drying on commission

Drying on commission and on our own account.

We both work on commission as on our own account.

Whatever the waste stream, no matter how small or large, we are equipped to get everything from it. With a production capacity of 120,000 ton per year, no batch is too large for us. But nothing is too small, we have no lower limit.

We have various drying lines for various product types. In this way, we guarantee quality. When we have added value to your waste stream, we have our own logistic facilities for transport to and from and for environmentally responsible storage.

We also dry on our own account to give a second life to as many waste streams as possible. The new products or resources will find their way safely to the consumer through trade.

Test drying

Drying on small scale.

Do you have the idea you can get more out of your waste streams? Or do you want to test whether value can be added to your waste stream? Test drying is possible. With our test drying installation, we test various product streams to find out whether drying adds value and what that value is. We test dry in a separate production space, with optimal conditions.

Customised dryer

We build our own drying machines.

Does your waste stream require a customised drying installation? We develop these in-house. Ingenuity is in our DNA ever since the beginning. With more than 30 years of experience, we have all the knowledge needed to design, install, and maintain dryers.


For a clean waste stream

Sustainable drying often starts with separating. Before we dry waste streams, we make sure they are clean. We do this by separating pollutants from the waste stream. For this, we have developed out own separation system, for example to separate plastic from food. We consider the plastic as a new waste stream. So we also separate that stream until the plastic can be used for recycling.

An example
Stale bread coming to us from the supermarket still contains packaging and closures. To remove these efficiently and safely from the bread, our own packaging system separates the plastic bags and closures from the bread completely automatically.

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