Nothing is without value.

Specialist in Separation and Drying

We believe there is nothing without value. That is why we give waste flows a second chance; from a reusable product to even a new resource. As a specialist in separation and drying, it is our mission to get the maximum out of waste streams with minimal effort. That is good for the environment and valuable to you. 

This is how we build tomorrow today.

From waste stream to (re)usable products.

At Van de Weijer Drogerij, we are building a better future every day. By adding value to waste streams on one hand and saving the environment on the other hand.

  • We separate and dry on one line; 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • We add value to 117,000 tons of waste streams per year.
  • We generate our own energy with biomass.
  • We dry different product types in various halls.
  • We work according to the guidelines of GMP and HACCP.

Waste streams we dry

We started our drying plant in 1988 with drying old bread. But in our philosophy, there is no waste stream we cannot process, not even product streams which have never been dried. We test, measure, and optimise until we can get the most from your waste streams with minimal effort. Today, we separate and dry more than just old bread; from starch to granulate.

We dry sustainably with biomass

Less waste, more value.

To add value, you have to save value. That is why sustainable energy was already on our agenda before it made the political agenda. We do not make use of fossil fuels such as gas. We have developed our own installation generating sustainable energy. For burning, we use waste streams of wood which can serve no other purpose. In this way, we supply energy for 100,000 people for a year.

We are GMP-certified

Food safety for people and animals.

Our process of separating and drying is completely transparent. We dry in a responsible manner for our society and the environment, and work conforming with strict agreements between industry partners and customers. The evidence is our admission to Securefeed and our GMP-certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices) under registration number 20233.